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LeBron James is "Too Tough" to get a concussion

By March 23, 2012

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A few days ago, Carmelo Anthony admitted to reporters that he didn't play hard on defense while Mike D'Antoni was running the Knicks.

Remarkably, that isn't the dumbest thing an NBA all-star has said to the media this week. That prize goes to LeBron James, who suggested that he's "too tough" to get a concussion.

Yeah, in those exact words.

While scrambling to cover an open Jared Dudley in the final seconds of Wednesday's game, James ran into a Grant Hill screen. James obviously didn't see Hill's screen and crashed head-first into the veteran forward's shoulder. James fell to the court and stayed there as play went on; he was helped off the court when play stopped after a Dwyane Wade foul.

(You can see the entire sequence - from multiple angles - here.)

After the game, reporters asked James if he had ever suffered a concussion. James replied, "No, I'm too tough for that."

Obviously, he was trying to make a joke. But head injuries are no laughing matter... and the idea that "toughness" can prevent head injuries - injuries that can be both debilitating and life-threatening - is the height of ignorance.

I wonder if LeBron would care to repeat his "joke" to someone like Ted Johnson, the ex-New England Patriot linebacker who has dealt with severe concussion-related health problems since his playing career ended.

The Heat are back in action against the Detroit Pistons tonight. James should be held out of the game - both as a precaution and a symbolic gesture.


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