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The NBA CBA, Amnesty Rule and the League's Worst Contracts
The NBA's latest CBA proposal reportedly contains an "amnesty clause" - a one- time opportunity for teams to get out of their worst contracts. Here's a look at ...
What Is a Poison Pill Contract? - Basketball ... - NBA - About.com
Definition: NBA general managers have begun to use "poison pill" contracts as a way to exploit the strict new salary cap and luxury tax ... NBA CBA Glossary ...
NBA CBA Glossary - About.com
Definitions of key terms basketball fans will be hearing all too often as the league and players union negotiates the next NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement.
What is an amnesty clause? - NBA - About.com
The NBA's next CBA may contain an "amnesty clause," allowing teams to periodically remove player contracts from their salary cap numbers.
What is BRI? - NBA - About.com
BRI, the Salary Cap and the CBA. The BRI number is important because it is used, under the current NBA collective bargaining agreement, to set the league's  ...
What is the mini mid-level exception? - NBA - About.com
The "Mini Mid-Level Exception" is a new salary cap exception introduced in the 2011 NBA CBA which allows teams over the luxury tax threshold to sign free ...
What is the room exception? - NBA - About.com
The "Room Exception" is a new salary cap exception introduced in the 2011 NBA CBA, and is only available to teams that are under the salary cap.
What is a "Trade Kicker?" - NBA - About.com
... of the CBA lead to a lockout? NBA CBA Glossary ... Trade kickers are one of the factors that can make NBA trades so difficult to complete. For example, during  ...
What Is the Luxury Tax? - Definition - NBA - About.com
The luxury tax is a charge paid by NBA teams with payrolls that exceed the league's ... The NBA · The NBAPA vs. the NBA Owners: Will the expiration of the CBA ...
The NBAPA vs. the NBA Owners: Will the expiration of the CBA lead ...
Jul 1, 2011 ... NBA Lockout: The NBA's CBA expires in July, and a lockout is considered a near- certainty. Here's a look at some of the issues on the table as ...
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