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About Basketball: NBA Draft Prospects and Previews - About.com
Profiles of college basketball stars who may have the opportunity to play at the next level, and some idea as to where they might land in the NBA Draft.
NBA Draft History - About.com
The NBA's owners have reportedly proposed an expansion of the NBA Draft as part of the league's next collective bargaining agreement. Who benefits from ...
The NBA Draft Lottery - About.com
Ever wonder how exactly the NBA Draft Lottery works? What are the chances of each NBA team to win the first pick of the NBA Draft? Find the answer right here!
NBA Draft - Going Pro in Europe
But he's considered a borderline first-round NBA draft pick. If he slipped into the second round, he could opt for Europe instead... why sign in Greece before ...
NBA Draft Glossary - About.com
Sometimes it seems NBA Draft experts are speaking their own language. Here's a breakdown of some of the common terms used when discussing ...
2013 NBA Draft Review: Biggest Winners and Losers - About.com
The 2013 NBA draft may have lacked guaranteed superstars, but it was one of the deepest drafts of all time. Although there was not a single prospect that ...
NBA Age Limit: No High Schoolers Need Apply
The NBA's most recent collective bargaining agreement prevents players from entering the draft right out of high school.
2010 NBA Draft Results and Analysis - About.com
The next generation of NBA superstars learned where they'll be plying their trades at the 2010 NBA Draft - held on Thursday, June 24th at Madison Square ...
NBA Age Limit - Good for the Game? - About.com
The NBA's collective bargaining agreement, put in place before the 2005-06 season, ... than 19 -- in other words, high schoolers -- from entering the NBA draft.
What is a snake draft? - NBA - About.com
Definition: The so-called "snake" draft is the most common form of draft used in fantasy basketball leagues. Teams are assigned a position for the first round of ...
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