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NBA/Adidas BIG COLOR Uniforms

Alternate jerseys to be worn for Christmas Day games


The NBA and Adidas will celebrate Christmas with a new line of monochromatic uniforms, the "BIG COLOR" line.

The ten teams playing on Christmas Day - the Celtics and Nets, Knicks and Lakers, Thunder and Heat, Rockets and Bulls and the Nuggets and Clippers - the will wear the new uniforms for the league's first major television event of the 2012-13 season.

The uniforms are mostly monochromatic, with accent colors used only to frame the uniform numbers and a "shimmer finish". I suspect they'll look terrific on HDTV... but if you're watching the games on an older television at grandma's house, you might have a hard time making out the numbers.

The jerseys are part of Adidas' Winter Court Collection, which will be available at NBA.com and sporting goods retailers starting on November 15. (Just in time for Christmas, eh?)

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Image courtesy of the NBA and AdidasBoston CelticsImage courtesy of the NBA and AdidasBrooklyn NetsImage courtesy of the NBA and AdidasNew York KnicksImage courtesy of the NBA and AdidasLos Angeles Lakers
Image courtesy of the NBA and AdidasOklahoma City ThunderImage courtesy of the NBA and AdidasMiami HeatImage courtesy of the NBA and AdidasHouston RocketsChicago Bulls
Image courtesy of the NBA and AdidasDallas MavericksImage courtesy of the NBA and AdidasSan Antonio SpursImage courtesy of the NBA and AdidasIndiana PacersImage courtesy of the NBA and AdidasUtah Jazz
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