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ACC All-Time Leading Scorers

Redick is Tops, but Hansbrough is Gaining


Tyler Hansbrough

Tyler Hansbrough leaves the court at Cameron Indoor Stadium after UNC's 101-87 win over Duke on February 12. Hansbrough and teammate Danny Green became the first Tar Heels to go 4-0 at Duke.

Getty Images / Kevin Cox
Duke guard J.J. Redick is the leading scorer in the storied history of the Atlantic Coast Conference, with 2,769 points in his four years in Raleigh. Tyler Hansbrough of North Carolina moved into second place during the Tar Heels' 101-87 win at Cameron Indoor Stadium on February 12. He scored 27 to lead the all scorers in a 89-80 win over NC State on February 18, was held to 11 in a surprising loss to Maryland, but rebounded with 28 points as the Heels blasted Georgia Tech over the weekend.

He's now 91 points behind Redick with two games to go before the ACC Tournament.

All-Time Leading Scorers, Atlantic Coast Conference

  1. J.J. Redick, Duke (2003-06): 2769
  2. Tyler Hansbrough, UNC (2005-09): 2678
  3. Dickie Hemric, Wake Forest (1952-55): 2587
  4. Johnny Dawkins, Duke (1983-86): 2556
  5. Rodney Monroe, North Carolina State (1988-91): 2551
  6. Bryant Stith, Virginia (1989-92): 2516
  7. Christian Laettner, Duke (1989-92): 2460
  8. Mike Gminski, Duke (1977-80): 2323
  9. Jeff Lamp, Virginia (1978-81): 2317
  10. David Thompson, North Carolina State (1973-75): 2309
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