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Duke students camp out in "Krzyzewskiville" before their beloved Blue Devils play arch rival North Carolina.

Getty Images / Kevin Cox
Definition: Krzyzewskiville is a tent city inhabited by Duke University students waiting on line for tickets to Blue Devil games -- mostly games against the arch-rival North Carolina Tar Heels.

It began in 1986, when several Duke students set up tents on a Thursday afternoon to wait for tickets for a Saturday tip-off. Their vigil attracted attention from the local media and the USA Today.

Since then, camping out in Krzyzewskiville has become a Duke tradition, with rules of conduct strictly controlled by the student government. The university has gone so far as to install Wi-Fi service for the area, allowing students to access the Internet via laptops from their tents, and coach Mike Krzyzewski has been known to buy pizza for the campers.

Pronunciation: sha-SHEF-ski-ville
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