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2012-13 Fantasy NBA Cheat Sheet

The Top 200 Players in Fantasy Basketball


Kevin Durant over Kobe Bryant

With a 6-9 frame and massive wingspan, Kevin Durant's jump shot is near-impossible to defend -- just ask Kobe.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images
Updated October 07, 2012
Top 200 Players | Point Guards | Shooting Guards | Small Forwards | Power Forwards | Centers | Team Breakdowns

Our annual ranking of the top players for fantasy NBA leagues - expanded this year to cover the top 200 players you'll want to consider in your draft.

Players are ranked in terms of overall value in an eight-category (points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, FT%, FG% and three-pointers made) rotisserie-style league.

The first column lists each player's overall rank. The second is his rank within his position. For players that qualify at multiple positions, we're listing his rank at his primary position. (LeBron James, for example, is the #2 player overall in our rankings and #2 among small forwards. He also qualifies at power forward.

Fantasy Basketball: 2012-13 Cheat Sheet

11Kevin Durant ThunderSFThis good already - and still years away from his physical prime.
22LeBron James HeatSF/PFThe best all-around player in the world (but his defense doesn't show up in fantasy scoring).
31Kevin Love TimberwolvesPF/CWe all have a purpose in life. Kevin Love's is to grab rebounds. A full season with Ricky Rubio could help his offense.
41Chris Paul ClippersPGInjuries continue to be a concern, but when he's healthy (or close to it) he's just outstanding.
52Russell Westbrook ThunderPGWestbrook's pull-up jumper might be the toughest shot to defend in today's NBA.
63Deron Williams NetsPGWith a much-improved roster, Williams won't have to carry the Nets' offense single-handedly. But make no mistake, he'll still be Brooklyn's number one option.
71Dwyane Wade HeatSGKnee should be better in time for the season-opener, but given his injury history, should Spoelstra start cutting Wade's minutes?
82Dirk Nowitzki MavericksPFBattled conditioning and injury problems during the lockout-shortened season. Expect a bounce-back year.
93Josh Smith HawksPF/SFWith Joe Johnson gone, Smith could become the lead dog in Atlanta's offense. Or, he could fall back into bad habits (like jacking too many threes).
104Kyrie Irving CavaliersPGLast season's top rookie posted outstanding numbers despite a number of nagging injuries.
112James Harden ThunderSGStunningly productive off the bench. But nearing the end of his rookie deal, and Sam Presti has lots of budding superstars to re-sign. Could he be traded?
124Paul Millsap JazzPFContinues to make significant contributions in just about every category despite all the competition for playing time in Utah.
135Ty Lawson NuggetsPG/SGPerfectly suited to run George Karl's fast-paced offense.
145LaMarcus Aldridge Trail BlazersPF/CReportedly looking to expand his range out to the three-point line. Here's hoping that doesn't hurt is generally excellent shooting percentage.
156DeMarcus Cousins KingsPF/CImmature? Sometimes. But he's an absolute beast in the low post.
163Carmelo Anthony KnicksSFEveryone knows he'll score. The big question is how well he'll mesh with the rest of the Knicks' offense.
176Brandon Jennings BucksPGThe Bucks will get almost all their offense from the Jennings/Monta Ellis backcourt.
181Marc Gasol GrizzliesCComing off his most productive season as a pro. Will Zach Randolph's return hurt Gasol's numbers?
192Al Jefferson JazzC/PFCame up a hair shy of a 20-and-10 season last year, and his shot-blocking is improving.
207Pau Gasol LakersPF/CShould thrive running the pick-and-roll with Steve Nash and in the high post in Eddie Jordan's Princeton offense sets.
213Andrew Bynum 76ersCWill be the focus of the offense for the first time in his career. Can he handle the job and stay healthy?
227Goran Dragic SunsPGHad a pretty good season 2012-13 running the point for Houston. This year, he's replacing Steve Nash. (No pressure.)
233Kobe Bryant LakersSGReally interested to see how much control Mr. Bean is willing to cede to Steve Nash.
244Greg Monroe PistonsCQuietly developing into a top fantasy big man; only knock on Monroe is that he's not a good shot blocker.
258John Wall WizardsPGHas off-the-charts potential. But will his poor jump shooting impede his progress?
264Danny Granger PacersSFGreat scorer and three-point shooter. Lack of production in other catgories separates him from the super-elites.
275Rudy Gay GrizzliesSFRecovered nicely from a bad shoulder injury, but has yet to take that next step towards real stardom.
289Mike Conley, Jr. GrizzliesPGJust adequate on offense; value comes on the other end - his 2.2 steals per game ranked second in the league last season.
295Al Horford HawksC/PFMissed most of last season and could fall off some players' radar as a result.
304Paul George PacersSG/SFRapidly developing into one of the league's better shooting guards.
316Marcin Gortat SunsCPosted career highs across the board in his first season with the Suns. Will he be as effective without Steve Nash as his pick and roll partner?
328David Lee WarriorsPFJust missed a 20-10 season in 2011-12. Logs a LOT of minutes (over 37 mpg last season) which could make Lee an injury risk.
337Serge Ibaka ThunderC/PFShot-blocking monster is developing a pretty decent mid-range jumper.
349Kevin Garnett CelticsPF/CSurprisingly durable for a player his age. Will be spending a lot of time at center this season.
356Paul Pierce CelticsSFCould take a slight hit in minutes now that Boston has a credible backup or two on the wing.
3610Steve Nash LakersPGTransition to Los Angeles could be a major adjustment. Will Kobe let Nash run the offense?
3710Chris Bosh HeatPF/CPreparing to spend more time at center this season by adding some bulk.
3811Stephen Curry WarriorsPG/SGIf he could just say healthy, he'd be a fantasy superstar.
395Joe Johnson NetsSG/SFShould be a great fit with Deron Williams, but won't get nearly as many isolations as he did with Atlanta.
407Nicolas Batum Trail BlazersSF/SGOne of the most sought-after free agents this summer, Batum will be Portland's second scoring option (after LaMarcus Aldridge) this year.
416Marcus Thornton KingsSGUnder-rated scorer, but may not be an ideal fit alongside Tyreke Evans.
4212Rajon Rondo CelticsPGOutstanding passer. Horrible shooter, which hurts his overall fantasy value.
437Tyreke Evans KingsSG/SFValue took a hit when the Kings tried to make him a small forward. Should be back at the two this season, but will have to share the job with Marcus Thornton.
448Ersan Ilyasova BucksSF/PFReally stepped up when Milwaukee's other frontcourt players were injured. Excellent three-point shooter.
4511Anthony Davis HornetsPFRookie should be among the league leaders in blocks.
469Danilo Gallinari NuggetsSF/PFCould become a star if he could ever stay healthy for a full season.
4710Andre Iguodala NuggetsSF/SGShould excel in George Karl's up-tempo offense. But any gains might be offset by Denver's depth on the wings.
488Dwight Howard LakersCTwo big questions: when will he be ready to play, and can you afford to punt the free throw percentage category?
4913Monta Ellis BucksPG/SGThere were concerns that he'd be incompatible with Brandon Jennings and/or Scott Skiles, but his first few months in Milwaukee were very productive.
5014Kyle Lowry RaptorsPGWould rank higher on this list if Toronto had traded Jose Calderon.
5112Ryan Anderson HornetsPFLast season's most improved player will be hitting corner threes for the Hornets this year.
5213Andrea Bargnani RaptorsPF/CSeemed poised for a real breakout season before his 2011-12 campaign was derailed by injuries. Think Dirk Nowitzki-lite.
539Roy Hibbert PacersCGetting paid like a star now, but would like to see him develop more consistency.
5415Jeremy Lin RocketsPGHe'll score plenty as the centerpiece of a crazy-young Houston team. Move down a few spots in leagues that count turnovers.
5516Jrue Holiday 76ersPGWill have to adjust to a more halfcourt-oriented offense centered around Andrew Bynum.
5617Tony Parker SpursPGReally the key player for the Spurs at this point, but poor shooting hurts his fantasy value.
578Manu Ginobili SpursSGOne of the best when healthy, but "when healthy" has been rare for the last few seasons.
5810Joakim Noah BullsCA near-automatic double-double, but his physical style may make him injury-prone.
5914Kenneth Faried NuggetsPFShould have an opportunity to step up now that Al Harrington is gone. Terriffic rebounder.
6011Nene Hilario WizardsC/PFCould have a big year as Washington's primary frontcourt threat, but nagging injury - plantar fasciitis - is a concern.
6115Blake Griffin ClippersPFFun to watch, but foul/turnover prone, awful from the line and doesn't block shots.
629Wesley Matthews Trail BlazersSG/SFGood perimeter scorer; would be even better if he'd drive more.
6316Kris Humphries NetsPFAutomatic double-double.
6410Klay Thompson WarriorsSGExcellent shooter, should take a big step forward this season as the Warriors' starting SG.
6511Luol Deng BullsSFWill be Chicago's lead player while Derrick Rose is sidelined, but wrist injury is worrisome.
6612JaVale McGee NuggetsCOne of the league's most entertaining players; if he can keep his head together he could have a great year.
6711Eric Gordon HornetsSGLast season was a washout for Gordon, who missed most of the year to injury. Was on the verge of becoming one of the best young twos in the game before he got hurt.
6818Maurice Williams JazzPG/SGCould be Utah's starting point guard this season.
6917Amar'e Stoudemire KnicksPF/CSpent the summer working on his post game with Hakeem Olajuwon. Will that help him mesh with 'Melo?
7018David West PacersPFNumbers took a hit with the move to Indiana, as Danny Granger and Roy Hibbert had larger roles in the offense.
7119Carlos Boozer BullsPFCould be asked to score more with Rose hurt, but has never been a contributor in blocks, steals, etc.
7213Tyson Chandler KnicksCOne of the league's best defenders, but doesn't generate eye-popping fantasy numbers. Could play less now that the Knicks have a good backup C in Marcus Camby.
7312Gerald Wallace NetsSF/PFContributes in lots of categories, but his physical style makes him a bit injury-prone.
7420Tim Duncan SpursPF/CStill a very effective player on a per-minute basis. But he'll play under 30 mpg.
7519Ricky Rubio TimberwolvesPGCould be the league's next great floor general, but missing most of last season might hurt his development.
7620Raymond Felton KnicksPGBack in New York and reportedly healthy, but a less-than-ideal fit for Mike Woodson's halfcourt style.
7721Jeff Teague HawksPGDoes he hang on to the starting job over veteran Devin Harris?
7812Gordon Hayward JazzSG/SFLooking to build on an excellent sophomore campaign, but where does he play? Spent much of last season at SG, but seems better suited for SF.
7914Anderson Varejao CavaliersC/PFWas posting the best numbers of his career before a broken wrist ended his 2011-12 season.
8013Arron Afflalo MagicSGLikely the primary scoring threat for Orlando this season, but the Magic are expected to play at a much slower pace than Denver did.
8122Louis Williams HawksPG/SGPhilly's sixth man - and leading scorer - last season. Could have a similar role for the Hawks this year.
8215Samuel Dalembert BucksCWill provide a much-needed shot-blocking presence for Milwaukee this year.
8321Zach Randolph GrizzliesPFMarc Gasol really blossomed while Randolph was out, and could keep his role as the Grizzlies' primary low-post threat.
8416Andrew Bogut WarriorsCWould love to see him play a full season, but given his injury history that's hard to imagine.
8514Jason Terry CelticsSGGood fit in Boston, but will have to share the SG spot with Avery Bradley, Courtney Lee…
8615O.J. Mayo MavericksSGGets a fresh start in Dallas; could take over Jason Terry's role.
8723Kemba Walker BobcatsPG/SGOn paper, he's the starter - but will he hold off Ramon Sessions and keep the job?
8817Nikola Pekovic TimberwolvesCAveraged a near double-double with good percentages after his promotion into the starting lineup.
8913Michael Kidd-Gilchrist BobcatsSFProjects as a very good two-way wing player, but might be best as the complement to another star… and Charlotte is notably short on stars right now.
9016J.R. Smith KnicksSG/SFWill have an expanded role until Iman Shumpert returns from a torn ACL.
9122Luis Scola SunsPFShould be the Suns' primary frontcourt scorer; already has good chemistry with Goran Dragic, as they played together in Houston.
9217Rodney Stuckey PistonsSG/PGStarted slow last season, but finished strong. Better suited to SG, which is where he'll play most of the time now.
9318Kevin Martin RocketsSGTremendous scorer but can't stay healthy. One of very few veterans on the Rockets' roster.
9419Tony Allen GrizzliesSGMost valuable as a defensive stopper, which doesn't really translate into fantasy numbers.
9524Mario Chalmers HeatPGMight get pushed aside to create playing time for Ray Allen - but one of very few Miami players with any fantasy upside.
9614Thaddeus Young 76ersSF/PFShould get a lot of open looks as defenses struggle to deal with Andrew Bynum.
9725Brandon Knight PistonsPG/SGExpect him to build on a fairly impressive rookie campaign.
9823Elton Brand MavericksPF/CExpected to get significant playing time backing up both Nowitzki and Chris Kaman.
9915Andrei Kirilenko TimberwolvesSF/PFReturning to the NBA after playing in Russia last season.
10018Chris Kaman MavericksCPencilled in as a starter in Dallas.
10126Jameer Nelson MagicPG
10220Evan Turner 76ersSG/SF
10327Greivis Vasquez HornetsPG
10421Bradley Beal WizardsSG
10528Damian Lillard Trail BlazersPG
10616Kawhi Leonard SpursSF/SG
10719Brook Lopez NetsC
10820DeAndre Jordan ClippersC
10921Spencer Hawes 76ersC
11029Jose Calderon RaptorsPG
11122Dion Waiters CavaliersSG
11230Jarrett Jack WarriorsPG
11324Derrick Favors JazzPF/C
11431George Hill PacersPG/SG
11517Trevor Ariza WizardsSF/SG
11623Gerald Henderson BobcatsSG/SF
11724Jordan Crawford WizardsSG
11832Darren Collison MavericksPG
11925DeMar DeRozan RaptorsSG/SF
12033Austin Rivers HornetsPG/SG
12134Andre Miller NuggetsPG
12235Chauncey Billups ClippersPG/SG
12336Luke Ridnour TimberwolvesPG/SG
12426Ray Allen HeatSG
12518Harrison Barnes WarriorsSF
12627Jamal Crawford ClippersSG/PG
12719Alonzo Gee CavaliersSF
12825Drew Gooden BucksPF/C
12937Jason Kidd KnicksPG
13020James Johnson KingsSF
13121Shawn Marion MavericksSF/PF
13228Danny Green SpursSG/SF
13326Al Harrington MagicPF
13429J.J. Redick MagicSG
13522Nikola Vucevic MagicC
13622Michael Beasley SunsSF/PF
13723Jared Dudley SunsSF/SG
13824Wilson Chandler NuggetsSF/SG
13930Anthony Morrow HawksSG/SF
14025Brandon Rush WarriorsSF
14126Dorell Wright 76ersSF
14227Brandon Bass CelticsPF/C
14328Omer Asik RocketsPF/C
14429Ed Davis RaptorsPF
14538Nate Robinson BullsPG/SG
14631Gerald Green PacersSG/SF
14730Thomas Robinson KingsPF
14832Courtney Lee CelticsSG
14933Avery Bradley CelticsSG/PG
15031Channing Frye SunsPF/C
15132Derrick Williams TimberwolvesPF
15233Amir Johnson RaptorsPF
15339Devin Harris HawksPG
15434Stephen Jackson SpursSG/SF
15534Tiago Splitter SpursPF/C
15627Chandler Parsons RocketsSF
15735Trevor Booker WizardsPF
15840Aaron Brooks KingsPG
15936Boris Diaw KingsPF/C
16041Jerryd Bayless GrizzliesPG/SG
16142Rodrigue Beaubois MavericksPG
16228Carlos Delfino BucksSF
16337Steve Novak KnicksPF/SF
16435Mike Dunleavy Jr. BucksSG/SF
16536Ben Gordon BobcatsSG
16637MarShon Brooks NetsSG/SF
16738Nick Young 76ersSG
16829Lamar Odom ClippersSF/PF
16923Greg Stiemsma TimberwolvesC
17024Bismack Biyombo BobcatsC/PF
17130Jonas Jerebko PistonsSF/PF
17243Delonte West MavericksPG/SG
17338J.J. Hickson Trail BlazersPF/C
17439Landry Fields RaptorsSG/SF
17544Isaiah ThomasKingsPG
17639Kevin Seraphin WizardsPF
17740Antawn Jamison LakersPF
17845Derrick RoseBullsPG
17946D.J. Augustin PacersPG/SG
18047Kirk Hinrich BullsPG/SG
18131Al-Farouq Aminu ClippersSF
18248Ramon Sessions BobcatsPG
18340Chase Budinger TimberwolvesSG/SF
18441Randy Foye JazzSG
18532Kyle Korver HawksSF
18625Marcus Camby KnicksC
18741Taj Gibson BullsPF
18833Marvin Williams JazzSF/PF
18934Brandan Wright MavericksSF/PF
19042Vince Carter MavericksSG
19143C.J. Miles CavaliersSG
19226Jonas Valanciunas RaptorsC
19327Timofey Mozgov NuggetsC
19442Markieff Morris RocketsPF
19543Jason Thompson KingsPF
19644Ekpe Udoh BucksPF/C
19744Corey Brewer NuggetsSG/SF
19845Ivan Johnson HawksPF
19945Alec Burks JazzSG
20049Gary Neal SpursPG/SG
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