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Fantasy NBA Cheat Sheet - Power Forward Rankings

The Top Power Forwards in Fantasy Basketball


Kevin Love, Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota's Kevin Love is a rebounding machine.

Getty Images Sport: Chris Graythen/Staff
Updated October 07, 2012
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It's easy, when ranking fantasy power forwards, to attach too much weight to the double-doubles, the twenty-and-tens... but to be an elite option in fantasy, your power forward needs to do more. Look for players who shoot a very high percentage from the floor, and who will block a reasonable number of shots at minimum.

The first column is each player's rank on our overall Top 200 list. The second column displays each player's rank at his primary position.

Fantasy NBA Power Forward Rankings

31Kevin Love TimberwolvesPF/CWe all have a purpose in life. Kevin Love's is to grab rebounds. A full season with Ricky Rubio could help his offense.
82Dirk Nowitzki MavericksPFBattled conditioning and injury problems during the lockout-shortened season. Expect a bounce-back year.
93Josh Smith HawksPF/SFWith Joe Johnson gone, Smith could become the lead dog in Atlanta's offense. Or, he could fall back into bad habits (like jacking too many threes).
124Paul Millsap JazzPFContinues to make significant contributions in just about every category despite all the competition for playing time in Utah.
145LaMarcus Aldridge Trail BlazersPF/CReportedly looking to expand his range out to the three-point line. Here's hoping that doesn't hurt is generally excellent shooting percentage.
156DeMarcus Cousins KingsPF/CImmature? Sometimes. But he's an absolute beast in the low post.
207Pau Gasol LakersPF/CShould thrive running the pick-and-roll with Steve Nash and in the high post in Eddie Jordan's Princeton offense sets.
328David Lee WarriorsPFJust missed a 20-10 season in 2011-12. Logs a LOT of minutes (over 37 mpg last season) which could make Lee an injury risk.
349Kevin Garnett CelticsPF/CSurprisingly durable for a player his age. Will be spending a lot of time at center this season.
3710Chris Bosh HeatPF/CPreparing to spend more time at center this season by adding some bulk.
4511Anthony Davis HornetsPFRookie should be among the league leaders in blocks.
5112Ryan Anderson HornetsPFLast season's most improved player will be hitting corner threes for the Hornets this year.
5213Andrea Bargnani RaptorsPF/CSeemed poised for a real breakout season before his 2011-12 campaign was derailed by injuries. Think Dirk Nowitzki-lite.
5914Kenneth Faried NuggetsPFShould have an opportunity to step up now that Al Harrington is gone. Terriffic rebounder.
6115Blake Griffin ClippersPFFun to watch, but foul/turnover prone, awful from the line and doesn't block shots.
6316Kris Humphries NetsPFAutomatic double-double.
6917Amar'e Stoudemire KnicksPF/CSpent the summer working on his post game with Hakeem Olajuwon. Will that help him mesh with 'Melo?
7018David West PacersPFNumbers took a hit with the move to Indiana, as Danny Granger and Roy Hibbert had larger roles in the offense.
7119Carlos Boozer BullsPFCould be asked to score more with Rose hurt, but has never been a contributor in blocks, steals, etc.
7420Tim Duncan SpursPF/CStill a very effective player on a per-minute basis. But he'll play under 30 mpg.
8321Zach Randolph GrizzliesPFMarc Gasol really blossomed while Randolph was out, and could keep his role as the Grizzlies' primary low-post threat.
9122Luis Scola SunsPFShould be the Suns' primary frontcourt scorer; already has good chemistry with Goran Dragic, as they played together in Houston.
9823Elton Brand MavericksPF/CExpected to get significant playing time backing up both Nowitzki and Chris Kaman.
11324Derrick Favors JazzPF/C
12825Drew Gooden BucksPF/C
13326Al Harrington MagicPF
14227Brandon Bass CelticsPF/C
14328Omer Asik RocketsPF/C
14429Ed Davis RaptorsPF
14730Thomas Robinson KingsPF
15031Channing Frye SunsPF/C
15132Derrick Williams TimberwolvesPF
15233Amir Johnson RaptorsPF
15534Tiago Splitter SpursPF/C
15735Trevor Booker WizardsPF
15936Boris Diaw KingsPF/C
16337Steve Novak KnicksPF/SF
17338J.J. Hickson Trail BlazersPF/C
17639Kevin Seraphin WizardsPF
17740Antawn Jamison LakersPF
18741Taj Gibson BullsPF
19442Markieff Morris RocketsPF
19543Jason Thompson KingsPF
19644Ekpe Udoh BucksPF/C
19845Ivan Johnson HawksPF
20546Emeka OkaforWizardsPF/C
20747Glen DavisMagicPF/C
20848Tristan ThompsonCavaliersPF
21049Royce WhiteRocketsPF
21250Gustavo AyonMagicPF/C
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