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Fantasy NBA Cheat Sheet - Point Guard Rankings

The Top 25 Point Guards in Fantasy Basketball


Updated October 09, 2012
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Point guards will be your primary source of assists - one of the eight cardinal categories tracked in most leagues -- making it important to draft at least one and possibly two of the better point guard options. But not all point guards are created equal - teams like the Lakers, Heat and Kings don't really initiate their offense through the point guard position, and instead use the point guard primarily as a three-point shooting threat.

Another factor to consider -- some leagues will either count turnovers as a fantasy statistic, or use assist-to-turnover ratio instead of assists as a category. Because they handle the ball so much, point guards tend to rack up more turnovers than players at other positions. If you're playing in one of those leagues, take a closer look at the guards you draft; you could do your team more harm than good.

Players are ranked in terms of overall value in an eight-category (points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, FT%, FG% and three pointers made) rotisserie-style league. While these rankings do not factor in turnover potential, players who are particularly likely to hurt you in that area are called out in the notes.

The first column is each player's rank on our overall Top 200 list. The second column displays each player's rank at his primary position.

Fantasy NBA Point Guard Rankings

41Chris Paul ClippersPGInjuries continue to be a concern, but when he's healthy (or close to it) he's just outstanding.
52Russell Westbrook ThunderPGWestbrook's pull-up jumper might be the toughest shot to defend in today's NBA.
63Deron Williams NetsPGWith a much-improved roster, Williams won't have to carry the Nets' offense single-handedly. But make no mistake, he'll still be Brooklyn's number one option.
104Kyrie Irving CavaliersPGLast season's top rookie posted outstanding numbers despite a number of nagging injuries.
135Ty Lawson NuggetsPG/SGPerfectly suited to run George Karl's fast-paced offense.
176Brandon Jennings BucksPGThe Bucks will get almost all their offense from the Jennings/Monta Ellis backcourt.
227Goran Dragic SunsPGHad a pretty good season 2012-13 running the point for Houston. This year, he's replacing Steve Nash. (No pressure.)
258John Wall WizardsPGHas off-the-charts potential. But will his poor jump shooting impede his progress?
289Mike Conley, Jr. GrizzliesPGJust adequate on offense; value comes on the other end - his 2.2 steals per game ranked second in the league last season.
3610Steve Nash LakersPGTransition to Los Angeles could be a major adjustment. Will Kobe let Nash run the offense?
3811Stephen Curry WarriorsPG/SGIf he could just say healthy, he'd be a fantasy superstar.
4212Rajon Rondo CelticsPGOutstanding passer. Horrible shooter, which hurts his overall fantasy value.
4913Monta Ellis BucksPG/SGThere were concerns that he'd be incompatible with Brandon Jennings and/or Scott Skiles, but his first few months in Milwaukee were very productive.
5014Kyle Lowry RaptorsPGWould rank higher on this list if Toronto had traded Jose Calderon.
5415Jeremy Lin RocketsPGHe'll score plenty as the centerpiece of a crazy-young Houston team. Move down a few spots in leagues that count turnovers.
5516Jrue Holiday 76ersPGWill have to adjust to a more halfcourt-oriented offense centered around Andrew Bynum.
5617Tony Parker SpursPGReally the key player for the Spurs at this point, but poor shooting hurts his fantasy value.
6818Maurice Williams JazzPG/SGCould be Utah's starting point guard this season.
7519Ricky Rubio TimberwolvesPGCould be the league's next great floor general, but missing most of last season might hurt his development.
7620Raymond Felton KnicksPGBack in New York and reportedly healthy, but a less-than-ideal fit for Mike Woodson's halfcourt style.
7721Jeff Teague HawksPGDoes he hang on to the starting job over veteran Devin Harris?
8122Louis Williams HawksPG/SGPhilly's sixth man - and leading scorer - last season. Could have a similar role for the Hawks this year.
8723Kemba Walker BobcatsPG/SGOn paper, he's the starter - but will he hold off Ramon Sessions and keep the job?
9524Mario Chalmers HeatPGMight get pushed aside to create playing time for Ray Allen - but one of very few Miami players with any fantasy upside.
9725Brandon Knight PistonsPG/SGExpect him to build on a fairly impressive rookie campaign.
10126Jameer Nelson MagicPG
10327Greivis Vasquez HornetsPG
10528Damian Lillard Trail BlazersPG
11029Jose Calderon RaptorsPG
11230Jarrett Jack WarriorsPG
11431George Hill PacersPG/SG
11832Darren Collison MavericksPG
12033Austin Rivers HornetsPG/SG
12134Andre Miller NuggetsPG
12235Chauncey Billups ClippersPG/SG
12336Luke Ridnour TimberwolvesPG/SG
12937Jason Kidd KnicksPG
14538Nate Robinson BullsPG/SG
15339Devin Harris HawksPG
15840Aaron Brooks KingsPG
16041Jerryd Bayless GrizzliesPG/SG
16142Rodrigue Beaubois MavericksPG
17243Delonte West MavericksPG/SG
17544Isaiah ThomasKingsPG
17845Derrick RoseBullsPG
17946D.J. Augustin PacersPG/SG
18047Kirk Hinrich BullsPG/SG
18248Ramon Sessions BobcatsPG
20049Gary Neal SpursPG/SG
20950Jose Juan BareaTimberwolvesPG/SG
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