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Fantasy NBA Cheat Sheet - Small Forward Rankings

The Top Small Forwards in Fantasy Basketball


Updated October 07, 2012
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NBA small forwards are a disparate bunch. There are threes who play like over-sized point guards - Orlando's Hedo Turkoglu, for example. There are superstar scorers like Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant or the Knicks' Carmelo Anthony, and oustanding shooters like Indiana's Danny Granger, defensive stoppers like Andre Iguodala and "combo forwards" who are comfortable out on the perimeter or in the paint. And then there's LeBron... he can do everything.

The first column is each player's rank on our overall Top 200 list. The second column displays each player's rank at his primary position.

Fantasy NBA Small Forward Rankings

11Kevin Durant ThunderSFThis good already - and still years away from his physical prime.
22LeBron James HeatSF/PFThe best all-around player in the world (but his defense doesn't show up in fantasy scoring).
163Carmelo Anthony KnicksSFEveryone knows he'll score. The big question is how well he'll mesh with the rest of the Knicks' offense.
264Danny Granger PacersSFGreat scorer and three-point shooter. Lack of production in other catgories separates him from the super-elites.
275Rudy Gay GrizzliesSFRecovered nicely from a bad shoulder injury, but has yet to take that next step towards real stardom.
356Paul Pierce CelticsSFCould take a slight hit in minutes now that Boston has a credible backup or two on the wing.
407Nicolas Batum Trail BlazersSF/SGOne of the most sought-after free agents this summer, Batum will be Portland's second scoring option (after LaMarcus Aldridge) this year.
448Ersan Ilyasova BucksSF/PFReally stepped up when Milwaukee's other frontcourt players were injured. Excellent three-point shooter.
469Danilo Gallinari NuggetsSF/PFCould become a star if he could ever stay healthy for a full season.
4710Andre Iguodala NuggetsSF/SGShould excel in George Karl's up-tempo offense. But any gains might be offset by Denver's depth on the wings.
6511Luol Deng BullsSFWill be Chicago's lead player while Derrick Rose is sidelined, but wrist injury is worrisome.
7312Gerald Wallace NetsSF/PFContributes in lots of categories, but his physical style makes him a bit injury-prone.
8913Michael Kidd-Gilchrist BobcatsSFProjects as a very good two-way wing player, but might be best as the complement to another star… and Charlotte is notably short on stars right now.
9614Thaddeus Young 76ersSF/PFShould get a lot of open looks as defenses struggle to deal with Andrew Bynum.
9915Andrei Kirilenko TimberwolvesSF/PFReturning to the NBA after playing in Russia last season.
10616Kawhi Leonard SpursSF/SG
11517Trevor Ariza WizardsSF/SG
12518Harrison Barnes WarriorsSF
12719Alonzo Gee CavaliersSF
13020James Johnson KingsSF
13121Shawn Marion MavericksSF/PF
13622Michael Beasley SunsSF/PF
13723Jared Dudley SunsSF/SG
13824Wilson Chandler NuggetsSF/SG
14025Brandon Rush WarriorsSF
14126Dorell Wright 76ersSF
15627Chandler Parsons RocketsSF
16228Carlos Delfino BucksSF
16829Lamar Odom ClippersSF/PF
17130Jonas Jerebko PistonsSF/PF
18131Al-Farouq Aminu ClippersSF
18532Kyle Korver HawksSF
18833Marvin Williams JazzSF/PF
18934Brandan Wright MavericksSF/PF
20235Perry Jones ThunderSF/PF
20636Hedo TurkogluMagicSF
21137Mirza TeletovicNetsSF/PF
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