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Fantasy Basketball: 2012 Cheat Sheets and Player Rankings

The top 200 players for fantasy NBA leagues


Here are the players you want in your fantasy NBA league - overall cheat sheets and position-by-position rankings for the top fantasy options in the NBA.

Players are ranked in terms of overall value in an eight-category (points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, FT%, FG% and three pointers made) rotisserie-style league. Allowances have been made for positional scarcity -- players who qualify at center are worth a bit more. Injuries and concerns over playing time are also considered.

The Top 200 Fantasy Players in the NBA

Kevin Durant
Ronald Martinez / Getty Images
The top 100 players in fantasy basketball, regardless of position. For the second year running, Kevin Durant tops the list.

Point Guard Cheat Sheet

Chris Paul over Linas Kleiza
Bob Levey/Getty Images
Point guards will be your primary source of assists -- one of the eight cardinal categories tracked in most leagues -- making it important to draft at least one and possibly two of the better point guard options.

Shooting Guard Cheat Sheet

Dwyane Wade
Doug Benc/Getty Images
"Shooting" guard, or "off" guard as they're often called, is something of a misnomer in today's NBA. Lots of so-called "off" guards spend as much time running the offense as the nominal point guards.

Small Forward Cheat Sheet

LeBron James, Miami Heat
Getty Images Sport - Mike Ehrmann/Staff
Our number one overall pick tops this list... but the guy ranked second among small forwards is a pretty good player too...

Power Forward Cheat Sheet

Kevin Love, Minnesota Timberwolves
Getty Images Sport: Chris Graythen/Staff
It's easy, when ranking fantasy power forwards, to attach too much weight to the double-doubles, the twenty-and-tens... but to be an elite option in fantasy, your power forward needs to do more. Look for players who shoot a very high percentage from the floor, and who will block a reasonable number of shots at minimum.

Center Cheat Sheet

Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Center is trickiest position in fantasy basketball. The best of the best are also the worst of the worst... when free-throw shooting is considered, that is.

2012-13 NBA Rookies

Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kentucky Wildcats
Andy Lyons, Getty Images
Drafting rookies in a fantasy league is a risky proposition, but Anthony Davis is close to a sure thing.
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