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The Decision: LeBron James Signs with the Miami Heat

What's next for "the King," his new team and the cities and fans he left behind?


On July 8, 2010, LeBron James announced "The Decision." King James is headed South, where he'll team up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat. What does this mean for his new team, his old team, and the NBA in general?

The Decision: LeBron is headed to Miami

LeBron James announces "The Decision" to Jim Gray on ESPN
Getty Image / Larry Busacca

King James told interviewer Jim Gray that the decision was "tough" but that he would take his "talent to South Beach" and join the Miami Heat.

The Image: LeBron's Status Takes a Beating

All the hype was supposed to enhance LeBron's standing as a media icon... but those efforts may backfire. "His brand is [bleep] now," one top league official told Yahoo! NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski. "He's destroyed everything." Where did things go off the rails for Team LeBron? Can his image recover?

The Reaction: Dan Gilbert is NOT happy

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was understandably displeased with LeBron's decision -- but he might have been better off keeping that to himself. Gilbert responded to James' announcement by posting a heated response on the Cavs website, calling James a coward, accusing him of giving up during their playoff loss to the Celtics this season, and guaranteeing that Cleveland would win an NBA title before Miami.

Good luck with that, Dan.

The Big Three: How will they fit on one team?

Miami has the three stars. Throw in sharp-shooter Mike Miller and point guard Mario Chalmers, and that's a pretty impressive starting five. But that's not just their starting five; it's their entire roster. How can Pat Riley build a team after using all his cap space on James, Wade and Bosh? Will Riley return to the bench? What's next for the Miami Heat?

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