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The NBA Lockout on Twitter

Must-follows for the latest on the lockout


Twitter has become an invaluable resource for up-to-the-minute NBA news, often coming directly from the source. Here's a list of NBA voices you should be following for the latest updates on labor negotiations and the NBA Lockout.

Obviously, I'm just scratching the surface here... would love to hear which Twitter-ers you find most valuable for lockout news and analysis too.

@TeamZiller - Tom Ziller

SBNation's lead NBA writer probably won't get invited to many cocktail parties at David Stern's place... not after his "This is why we can't have nice things" series of posts spotlighting some of the worst player contracts of the last decade.

@LarryCoon - Larry Coon

The pre-emininent NBA salary cap-ologist, Coon is a master of sorting out some of the intricate details in the just-expired CBA, and explaining the issues driving the current negotiations.

@AlanHahn - Alan Hahn

Knicks beat writer for Newsday, Hahn has a knack for breaking big stories. He was the first to announce LeBron James' destination last summer. You can bet he'll be on top of the latest lockout developments as they happen.

@WojYahooNBA - Adrian Wojnarowski

Speaking of breaking stories... Yahoo! NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski makes a habit of it. If Alan Hahn doesn't have an important bit of lockout news first, odds are Woj will.

@ToothPicksRay - Tim Donahue

A writer for Eight Points Nine Seconds - the Indiana Pacers blog on ESPN's True Hoop network - Donahue does a great job of cutting through the finance-ese associated with lockout discussions.

@moneymase - Roger Mason, Jr.

A member of the NBPA's executive committee, Mason has been involved in the discussions from the very early stages, and his updates have been among the most optimistic.

@theNBPA - The National Basketball Players Association

Official feed from the Players Union doesn't generate much original content, but does an excellent job of passing along relevant stories from all over the Twitterverse and the Web.

@DarrenRovell - Darren Rovell

CNBC's Sports Business guru has Twitter down to a science, and is remarkably engaged with his (100,000-plus) followers. Does an excellent job of breaking down the business implications of the lockout.

@ZachLowe_SI - Zach Lowe

The keeper of SI.com's The Point Forward blog does a great job of announcing - and explaining - the latest CBA developments.

@AboutBasketball - Charlie Zegers

Hey, it's my list. I'll be sharing the latest news and my own analysis of the lockout and the whole world of basketball, even after this mess gets settled.

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