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Dominique Wilkins - The Highlight Zone

Dominique Wilkins

Courtesy of the Costacos Brothers and Salon 94, New York
Dominique Wilkins put up some incredibly impressive numbers during his NBA career. And no one was prouder of that fact than 'Nique himself. According to legend, you could stop Wilkins during a hotly contested game and ask him the score. He might not have known it... but he would have been able to recite his own stat line without blinking an eye.

All those stats did add up to a hall-of-fame career; Wilkins was inducted in 2006. The NBA became the Wilkins' family business. Brother Gerald was a shooting guard for several teams, most notably the New York Knicks, and Gerald's son Damien - Dominique's nephew - has played for several teams, including the Atlanta Hawks.

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