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NBA Sexcapades: Affairs and other Off-Court Hijinks


The NBA: Where tawdry happens. Looking at some of the league's legendary off-court affairs -- from Tony Parker's "sexting" with a teammate's wife to the rumored affair between Delonte West and LeBron James' mother to Wilt Chamberlain's conquests.

1. JR Smith Fined $25,000 for Inappropriate Twitter Photo

New York Knicks guard JR Smith was fined $25,000 for posting a photo of a mostly-naked woman to his personal Twitter account.

The woman was apparently a guest in Smith's Milwaukee hotel room; the Knicks were in town to play the Bucks. The would go on to lose that game, the fourth in a losing streak that, as of March 14, has reached six straight.

2. Vanessa Bryant Files for Divorce

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant
© Flynet Pictures

Vanessa Bryant - Kobe Bryant's wife of ten years - filed for divorce in December 2011, citing irreconcilable differences. That's sort of shocking, considering the fact that they were able to reconcile after Kobe was charged with sexual assault in 2003. (Kobe gave his wife a ring reportedly worth $4 million after that situation was resolved.)

So what finally put Mrs. Bryant over the edge? According to reports, Kobe had an average of ten affairs per year during the marriage. While that doesn't approach Wilt Chamberlain territory, 100 is still a very impressive number. (Insert joke about "volume scorers" here.)

According to a number of reports, the couple does not have a prenuptial agreement.

3. Tony Parker Caught "Sexting" With a Teammate's Wife

Eva Longoria Parker
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The marriage of Spurs guard Tony Parker and his actress wife Eva Longoria imploded when Longoria reportedly found "hundreds" of text messages linking her husband and the wife of an unnamed Spurs teammate.

4. Gloria James and Delonte West?

Delonte West
Chris McGrath / Getty Images

During the 2010 NBA Playoffs, the rumor mill was rife with stories that troubled Cavaliers guard Delonte West had an affair with Gloria James - LeBron James' mother. The story was given as one explanation for James' poor performance during the Cavs' second-round playoff series against the Celtics. Could this be one reason why LBJ decided to take his talent to South Beach?

5. The Mailman Hits on Kobe's Wife?

Karl Malone
© Tara Fappiano

Malone was accused of making a pass at Mrs. Kobe Bryant at a Laker game in 2004. According to the story, Vanessa Bryant -- noting Malone's hat and boots -- asked "What you hunting, cowboy?" To which Malone responded, "I'm hunting for little Mexican girls."

Bryant was something less than thrilled at his ex-teammate's remarks.

6. Andrei Kirilenko's Wife is Very Liberal...

Masha Lopatova - wife of Utah forward Andrei Kirilenko - told ESPN the Magazine that she allows her husband to sleep with another woman once a year. Apparently a fair number of NBA husbands exercise the same privilege -- but more often, and without permission.

7. Shawn Kemp, Calvin Murphy and a Whole Lot of Kids

Fathering illegitimate children isn't exclusive to the NBA, but a few basketball stars raised it to an art form. For a time, Shawn Kemp -- father to seven children by six different women -- was the standard-bearer, but hall-of-famer Calvin Murphy was later revealed to have 14 kids by nine different women. (Murphy was also accused of molesting five of his daughters, but acquitted.)

8. Patrick Ewing at the Gold Club

The 2001 trial of Steven E. Kaplan had everything you'd want from an episode of Law & Order... strippers, mob ties, and a parade of NBA superstars -- most notably, Patrick Ewing -- testifying about the "services" they'd received at the notorious Atlanta strip joint "The Gold Club."

9. Magic Johnson and "The Bachelor Life"

Magic Johnson told reporters "After I arrived in L.A. in 1979, I did my best to accommodate as many women as I could -- most of them through unprotected sex." Sadly, his statement didn't come off as boasting -- the way Wilt Chamberlain's claims did -- because Johnson was explaining how he had contracted HIV.

10. Wilt Chamberlain's 20,000 Partners

Wilt Chamberlain famously boasted he'd had approximately 20,000 sexual partners in his lifetime. Don't try to do the math on that, it'll just give you a headache -- a problem that apparently didn't vex Wilt very often.
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