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Run Your Own NCAA Tournament Pool


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Run Your Own NCAA Tournament Pool
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UCLA's Kevin Love attempts to screen Memphis' Derrick Rose as Russell Westbrook advances the ball past the Final Four logo at center court of the Alamodome floor.

Getty Images / Ronald Martinez
Not long ago, running the office March Madness pool meant some poor schlub would be stuck, every night of the tournament, leafing through stacks of photocopies to see who picked Davidson and who picked Georgetown in the round of 32.

No more.

This is the digital age. If you can use the internet to visit a web page or type an e-mail -- and if you're reading this you're already 50 percent there -- you can run a NCAA Tournament pool in your office or for friends and family.

But be careful. As with any situation in which money changes hands, being "the guy in charge" has a great deal of potential to create agita... and watching your Final Four pick get knocked out in the Sweet Sixteen is more than enough stress.

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