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Division I Career Blocks Leaders

NCAA Basketball Record Book


A lot of impressive names on the all-time list for blocked shots. Tim Duncan. Emeka Okafor. Alonzo Mourning. But the most prolific shot-blocker in NCAA Division I history is... who?

1. Wojciech Mydra - 535

Louisiana Monroe: 1998-2002
Mydra, from tiny Louisiana-Monroe, tops a list of guys who went on to long and productive NBA careers. He had aspirations of being the first Polish player to reach the NBA, but has spent his entire professional career to date in the European league.

2. Adonal Foyle - 492

Colgate: 1994-97
We're willing to give Foyle extra credit -- he's second on the list, but when he left school he was first overall, and he reached that point in just three seasons. He's had an eleven-year NBA career to date, serving last season as primary backup to Dwight Howard with the Orlando Magic.

3. Tim Duncan - 481

Wake Forest: 1993-97
Timmy is also tops on the career rebounding list.

4. Alonzo Mourning - 453

Georgetown: 1988-92

5. Ken Johnson - 444

Ohio State: 1997-2001
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