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Division I Single-Game Records

NCAA Basketball Record Book


Some of the greatest individual performances in NCAA basketball history, captured in the record book, and on this very page.

1. Points: Frank Selvy - 100

February 13, 1954
Furman vs. Newberry
Wilt Chamberlain isn't the only basketball star to hit the century mark. Furman College's Frank Selvy did it in 1954, eight years before Wilt the Stilt would torch the Knicks for 100. Selvy's big night wasn't simply a matter of chance. His coach had decided the game would be "Frank Selvy Night" in an attempt to get his star player on the All-American team. Selvy scored points 99 and 100 on a 40-foot heave as time expired.

2. Rebounds (post 1973): Larry Abney - 35

February 17, 2000
Fresno State vs. SMU
For reasons that aren't completely clear, the NCAA draws a line at the year 1973 for rebounding statistics. The best performance in the "modern era of board work" was Larry Abney's 35-rebound night against Southern Methodist. Abney also posted a 24-board box score that season, and finished the season as the third-ranked rebounder in the nation. After finishing his college career, he spent some time in the D-League, and is currently playing professionally in Australia.

The pre-1973 record is 51, set by Bill Chambers of William & Mary back in 1953.

3. Assists: Sherman Douglas, Avery Johnson and Tony Fairley - 22

Sherman Douglas of Syracuse
Robert W Stowell Jr/Archive Photos/Getty Images
Good thing these guys are into sharing.
The single-game record for assists was initially set at 22 by Tony Fairley of Charleston Southern in a game against Armstrong Atlantic on February 9, 1987. No offense, Tony, but we give a little less credit to records set against Division II schools. Moving on.

Avery Johnson of Southern University matched that number in a game against Texas Southern on January 25 of the following year. NBA fans will remember Johnson as the point guard for the San Antonio Spurs and coach of the Dallas Mavericks.

A year later -- almost to the day -- on January 28, 1989, Sherman Douglas of Syracuse matched Johnson and Fairley with 22 dimes against Providence.

4. Steals: Mookie Blaylock - 13

December 12, 1987
Oklahoma vs. Centenary
Dec. 17, 1988
Oklahoma vs. Loyola Marymount
One of the best defenders of the last quarter-century at the NCAA and NBA level, Blalock set the single-game record for steals twice... then went on to the NBA, where he ranked in the all-time top ten in the category at the time of his retirement in 2002. (He's since slipped to number eleven.)

5. Blocks: Mickell Gladness - 16

February 24, 2007
Alabama A&M vs. Texas Southern
As with the career blocks list, there are a lot of premium names on the best single-game blocked shot totals -- David Robinson, Shawn Bradley, Sean Williams -- but the name at the top is relatively anonymous. That may change, though. Mickell Gladness just finished his college career, and has signed with an agent in the hopes of landing a spot at an NBA training camp.

As an aside... poor Texas Southern. The Tigers were on the receiving end in two categories on this list: Gladness' 22-block performance in 2007 and Avery Johnson's 22-assist blowout in 1988. If form holds, someone is gonna hang a 101-plus point total on them in about 19 years.
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