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How to Play Basketball: Basics, Drills, Exercises, Instruction and Equipment

Learn to play better basketball with tips from the pros and other experts.
  1. Basketball Shoes (5)

Should Young Athletes Specialize in Just One Sport?
Should athletes of high school age and younger specialize in one sport? We asked a high school coach and an athletic trainer for their opinions.

How to Play Basketball If Youre Short
Weve all been there. The shortest guy on the court. Or at least too short to snatch rebounds from the sequoias vacuuming up all the boards. But hoops isnt really just a game of the immense. At 5'9, Nate Robinson has the game to dictate play, night in and night out. And hes won two slam dunk contests, including jumping over 610 Dwight Howard as KryptoNate in 2009. In the tr…

Common Basketball Injuries, and What to Do When They Happen to You
If you've played basketball, you've probably gotten hurt playing basketball. Dr. Alexis Colvin of Mount Sinai School of Medicine discusses some of the most common injuries associated with shooting hoops.

How to Dunk
Every basketball player -- from the most casual weekend warrior on up -- wants to be able to dunk. For most of us, it's a pipe dream, right up there with winning Mega Millions. You can't do much to improve your lottery odds, but you can improve your vertical leap with these simple exercises and drills.

How to Play Better Basketball
Even the best basketball players in the world can improve. (Just watch Dwight Howard shooting free throws.) Here are some tips, drills and instructions to help you improve your game.

How much would you pay for the ability to dunk?
Athletic Propulsion Labs claims its "Concept 1" sneaker can increase the average athlete's vertical leap by 3-4 inches. Would you pay their $300 price tag if those extra inches meant you could dunk?

Can a Sneaker Help You Dunk?
Can a Sneaker Improve Your Vertical Leap? Athletic Propulsion Labs -- makers of the $300 "Concept 1" basketball shoe claims their kicks can increase an athlete's vertical by 3-4 inches.

Team Dribbling Games for Basketball Skills
Group and team dribbling games that build skills and are fun. Learn to improve your confidence and become a better basketball player.

How to Become an Expert Dribbler
Basketball dribbling drills and practice strategies designed to improve your team's ball-handling skills.

Beating Zone Defenses
How to find the weakness in any zone defense

How to Beat Zone Presses the Simple Way
How To Beat Basketball Zone Presses

Practice Planning, Organization, and Philosophy: It Starts Now
How to plan and organize good basketball practices

Individual Dribbling Drills That Teach Ball Control
How to Practice on Your Own to Improve Dribbling Control

Improve Your Passing Skills with the Chest, Bounce, Baseball, and Skip Pass.
How to Improve Your Basketball Passing Skills.

The Jump Hook Shot
How to Learn the Jump Hook Shot - Unstoppable!

How to Make Offensive Moves Without the Dribble - The Jam Step
Use the Jam Step as a Devastating Offensive Weapon to Score One-on-One

Elements of a Good Post Play - Fundamentals and Shots
How to become a good post player for guards, forwards, and centers.

How to Practice Basketball Using Your Imagination and an Imaginary Ball
Use your imagination and visualizing to develop basketball skills.

Simple Drills to Perfect Your Shooting Style
How To Do Simple Drills To Develop A Good Shooting Touch

How To Play Good Individual Defense
How to play good individual Defense and make the team with hustle and determination

How To Improve Your One on One Dribbling Skills Through Practice
Here are some key exercises to help you improve your ability to protect the basketball.

How to Become a Good Foul Shooter
How to use good technique to make foul shots

The Home Run "Hail Mary" Play
How to set up a game winning basketball play with three seconds or less.

How To Form Your Own Summer Basketball League
Here are the key steps in forming a basketball league on your neighborhood court.

Unified Sports: Olympic Style Basketball For Everyone
Here's a team basketball game that joins everyone in meaningful, competitive basketball. Special Olympics offers Unified Sports for all players and coaches.

An unconventional, chaotic half-court pressing defense
The Chase Press is an unconventional half court "chaotic" press

End-Game Strategy in Basketball
Close games are won in practice. Here are some questions for every coach to answer for the end of the game.

Summer Basketball Programs
A description of the many types of basketball programs offered in the summer.

Summer Basketball , "A Personal Narrative"
How to improve your basketball skills in the summer.

Product Review: The Shooter’s Touch
This is a product review of two indoor basketballs as it pertains to "The Shooter's Touch".

The Three on Two-Two on One Fast Break Drill
How to run a continuous-action fast break drill

Why Man To Man is Best In Youth Leagues
Man to Man Defense in Youth Leagues; Man to Man Defense; Developmental Basketball

Scouting Future Opponents Made Easy
How to simplify scouting techniques to help you prepare better for upcoming games.

Using An Imaginary Basketball and Visualization to Succeed in Basketball
Basketball Studies have shown that positive visualization works. Combined with practice with an imaginary basketball to form proper technique makes an unbeatable combination. This article shows players practicing with imaginary basketballs to improve techniques while using the power of positive thinking to succeed.

Why Discipline Is Important to Your Basketball Team
Many times our players think that winning is the most important thing. This article talks bout how players really win by following the rules.

How To Improve Your Basketball Game and Be Your Best - Work at Your Game
This article addresses how the everyday player can improve his/her basketball game and be their best.

Burgo Basketball-One Man's Success Story on How Basketball Changes Lives
Basketball is a great game to play. But, it is also a character builder. It can change communities by bringing them together. Basketball can change the lives of our youth through positive role models and coaches. This is one example of it.

The Eleven Man Fast Break Drill: Continous Action Reinforces the Running Game
The 11 man break is a continuous action fast break that travels to both ends of the court, stressing the fundamentals of running, as well as the instincts to run constantly.

Basketball Contests That Will Add Life to your Basketball Practices
Here are a series of basketball contests you can run to add energy and enthusiasm to the day and have fun whiule you are at it. Use your imagination to conduct your own "Battle of the Basketball Stars".

Basketball Equipment and Drills for Young Children
There are many drills and equipment that enable younger children to play basketball. This article talks about how younger children can succeed and have fun playing basketball, no matter what their age.

Coach's Education and Certification Through Special Olympics for any Coach
Special Olympics has an excellent coaches education and certification program that can prepare anyone for basketball coaching.

How To Close Out Basketball Halves And Games Through Preparation and Strategy
The end of the first half and start of the second half are crucial times in a basketball game. Here's how to be ready.

How To Raise Money For Your Basketball Program Through Corporate Partnerships
Playing and coaching basketball also requires methods of funding it. Here are some tips on how to raise the money needed to keep the basketball team going!

Special Olympics Basketball: Olympic Basketball For All Levels Of Abilities
Special Olympics Basketball Presents a Program For Athletes With Special Challenges and Special Abilities.

Basketball Practice Planning
Using Basketball work stations in practice can help small numbers of players practice and reinforce skills and become better players.

How to Learn to Shoot, Dribble, and Pass with Both Hands
Learn to use both your right and left hand in basketball. Here are some simple ways to learn to take what the defense gives you.

Three Player Shooting Drills and Workout for Guards and Post Man.
Three player shooting can keep players shoot on the move, work on passing, catching, and shooting technique.

The Rapid Fire Shooting Drill,Shooting Under Timed Pressure
The Rapid Fire Shooting Drill stresses shooting under pressure using correct fundamentals. It adds energy and fun to practice and sends everyone home smiling.

How to Run Successful Basketball Fund Raisers
Basketball is great to play but can also raise money and support charities. Here's a great way to do it.

How To Organize Good Practice Plans
Good practice planning in basketball is like planning a lesson in school. Be organized, structured, introduce skills, and integrate them into team play.

Basketball Games and Equipment for Younger Children
There are many basketball drills and equipment for younger children. Here are a few.

Successful Basketball Programs: What To Look For
Basketball can be great for children if they keep the child's welfare in made. Hedre's some things to look for.

Special Olympics Young Athletes Basketball
Basketball for younger athletes with special needs. Developmental basketballfor Special Olympics Young Athletes.

Fall, Winter, and Spring Basketball Programs
Basketball Programs that are available throughout the year.

How To Plan An Individual Practice Session
Make your own individual basketball workouts to bring out your best with structured, timed, goal centered drills.

The Combination Man to Man Zone-A Man Defense Dressed Up as a Straight Zone
The Combination Man to Man Zone makes your opponent think you are playing zone when you are really playing straight man to man defense. You can trick your opponent into running a zone offense against your man to man and make it work to your advantage.

When Are Children Too Young To Play Basketball?
At what age should children begin playing basketball? When it is fun, of course!

How To Run The Secondary Fastbreak As Part Of Your Offense
The Secondary Fast Break is a structured play off your primary fast break and can lead to easy scores.

How To Become a Good Shooter: Drills and Techniques
How To Become a Good Jump Shooter With Practice and Talent

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