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An unconventional, chaotic half-court pressing defense


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Chase Press - Chaos on the Court
An unconventional, chaotic half-court pressing defense

Chase looks like a "Run and Jump" at first but the two guards chase the ball where ever it goes and everyone else tries to steal passes.

The "Chase" half-court press is a strategic option for the little league, junior high school, or high school coach. 'Chase' is meant to be a game changer. It can be used to change the momentum of a game, force a team to change from a very deliberate style into playing at a much faster pace, or help your team make a comeback by forcing a many turnovers. It can also be used to force that crucial turnover at the end of a close game to put your team over the top. This added to the fact that it is simple to teach and play, and very unconventional, makes 'Chase' a hard 'junk' defense to play against.

How You Attack What You Can't Identify? One opposing coach described 'Chase' as a kind of Run and Jump half court defense. He was close to being correct, but still couldn't figure the whole thing out.

'Chase' begins with man on the ball pressure almost at half court. Your best on the ball defender should pick up his man almost at half court, trying to force the ball handler to spin dribble over half court, preferably to his weakest hand. He does so by over playing the dribble with his head on the ball.

As soon as Player 1 goes into the front court (thus no longer being able to pass the ball into the back court), defender 2 attacks and double teams the ball. Defenders 1+2 are now double teaming, trying to block the offensive player's vision and forcing the player to make a bad pass. Defenders 3 and 4 are center fielders. They are not playing a man or really a zone either. They are playing passing lanes from the ball handler to open players. In fact, they are 2-3 steps off the line of the ball creating false openings for passes to be made so they can step in the passing lane to make a steal. It is like they are playing the top of a 2-3 zone. The ball handler is forced to pass the ball under pressure, increasing the chance of a bad pass. Defenders 3 and 4 are coached to step in the passing lane to steal the pass. They are coming to the ball and beating the offense to the ball, almost like a pass defender in football.

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