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Basketball Equipment and Drills for Young Children


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Basketball Practice and Games for Younger Players with Correct Equipment
Basketball Equipment and Drills for Young Children

Here Joey, eight years old, uses a smaller ball that his smaller hands can control to demonstrate good shooting form.

I have written a number of articles about basketball and younger children. No matter how young a child is, he/she can learn basketball if the equipment and the activities match the child's age and ability. I have seen children as young as four years old play basketball and have fun, as long as the tools and techniques were appropriate for their age.

Younger players should use smaller basketballs and lower rims to make the ball and the rim more or less the same size to them as a larger ball and higher rim is to older players. With the correct size ball and a lower rim, young players can control and shoot the ball with correct techniques. If you look at the pictures on the following pages, you will see that Joey, (eight years old) and John, (12 years old), are doing the same drills but with different sized basketballs. This makes it so that the ball fits their hands so they can develop the proper techniques.

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