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How to Play Better Basketball


Even the best basketball players in the world can improve. (Just watch Dwight Howard shooting free throws.) Here are some tips, drills and instructions to help you improve your game.
  1. On Offense
  2. On Defense
  3. Team Drills and Practice Strategies
  4. Tips from the Pros

On Offense

Ray Allen Breaks Reggie Miller's Record

We aren't all blessed with Ray Allen's jump shot or Jason Kidd's handle... but everyone can improve with practice.

On Defense

DeMar DeRozan

It takes more than good individual defenders to build a good defense... but you have to start with fundamentals.

Team Drills and Practice Strategies

John Calipari, Memphis Tigers

Coaches can improve too, with new tricks, new strategies and new drills to try in practice. Need motivation? How's this? John Calipari makes $4.5 million a year.

Tips from the Pros

A little advice from NBA and NCAA players and coaches never hurts...

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