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NCAA Division I Record Book

Do you know which college ballplayer scored 100 in a game eight years before Wilt Chamberlain? Or why the name Wojciech Mydra is significant in NCAA history? Take a quick look through the NCAA record book for these answers and more.

The Top Coaches in College Hoops
These are the giants of the game... their names are painted on stadiums and engraved on plaques in Springfield. Bob Knight. Dean Smith. Adolph Rupp. It seems almost sacrilegious to include the names of current coaches on a list with these guys... but the fact is, Duke's Mike Krzyzewski is fourth all-time, and -- barring a catastrophe -- will...

Best Winning Percentage in Division I History
The best winning percentages in college basketball history -- the University of Kentucky heads an impressive list.

The Winningest Active Coaches in College Hoops
The Top 20 Winningest Active NCAA Head Coaches - led by "Coach K" - Duke's Mike Krzyzewski

Most Wins in Division I History
The winningest division I programs in college basketball -- the University of Kentucky tops the list.

Wooden Award Winners: 1977 - 2008
Winners of the Wooden Award -- college basketball's highest individual honor -- from when it was created in 1977 through today.

Division I Career Rebounding Leaders (1973 - present)
The best rebounders in Division I, since the NCAA "re-set" the record book in 1973.

Division I Career Scoring Leaders
The most prolific scorers in the history of Division I NCAA basketball.

Division I Career Assist Leaders
These guys must have been excellent at sharing their toys in preschool -- they went on to become the most prolific distributors in Division I history. The ACC has a mortal lock on this list, with four of the top five spots.

Division I Career Blocks Leaders
A lot of impressive names on the all-time list for blocked shots. Tim Duncan. Emeka Okafor. Alonzo Mourning. But the most prolific shot-blocker in NCAA Division I history is... who?

Division I Career Steal Leaders
Those Friars seem to have a tough time enforcing the seventh commandment... Providence hoopsters own the top two spots on the all-time list for steals.

Division I Single-Game Records
Some of the greatest individual performances in NCAA basketball history, captured in the record book, and on this very page.

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