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The World's Biggest Basketball Practice

The Fighting Illini "kick off" their season with a court in the end zone


Tons of schools make the first basketball practice of a new season a big on-campus event. But this year, the Illinois Fighting Illini went into overdrive, holding "The World's Biggest Basketball Practice" on the field of Illinois' 70,000-seat Memorial Stadium -- at halftime of the Illini's game against Big 10 rival Minnesota.

Illinois is one of several schools that used a loophole in NCAA regulations to stage a "Midnight Madness" event a week ahead of the traditional practice start date -- but Bruce Webber's club certainly gets points for creativity.

The temporary court used in the practice will be auctioned off for charity.

There's no official word from the Guinness people as to whether or not they'll substantiate the "World's Biggest" claim.

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