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Readers Respond: Is Allen Iverson a Hall-of-Famer?

Responses: 50


no question

Anyone who says iverson shouldn't be in the hall of fame don't kno basketball.. this man is a legend.. if iverson don't belong in the hall of fame then there is alot of other hall of famers that should be removed
—Guest shan


Yes I thank he sure be on a NBA team right now. Iverson is a special person you need to still be playing for the 76ers. I really think he could be one of the lakers back up point guards and get ring this year comming,
—Guest james vicks

no doubt

Iverson during his prime took over games at will, he broke so many ankles with that killer cross over of his.
—Guest shark

Without1 a doubt...First Ballot

Allen Iverson has done so much for this game...he's inspired many young women and men around the country and has a great story...i recently read a book about the guy and was astounded....he has two college player of the year awards and fokr anyone who says he cant play defense he has two defensive player of the year awards in college also....he led a team of 8th grade equivalent skilled players to the damn NBA finals and handed the Kobe-Shaq Lakers their only loss in the playoffs...a terrific scorer who had 5 CONSECUTIVE GAMES OF 40+ POINTS AS A ROOKIE.....perhaps the greatest little man of all time...No doubt about it/ Allen Iverson is a First ballot Hall of Famer..Shortest Man ever to win an MVP award...Rookie of the year...Conference Champion...Playoff Steal record...Greatest crossover ever, two consecutive allstar MVP awards...
—Guest OF Coarse

hall o faker

one dimesional baybee no way, no D shoot shoot shhot chucker
—Guest boatsoda


Yes. He's one of the Top 10 Players in the game history and a great ICON
—Guest Loha Amy

Keep Trucking Iverson!!

Yes, Hang in there Iverson -- Life could get better!!! Don't quit Basketball
—Guest Linda Arrico


Allen Iverson is definitely a Hall- of- Famer- Yes!!
—Guest Linda Arrico

U Know it

Allen Iverson is a Future Hall Of Famer and is the best plyer to be under 6feet 5
—Guest Matthew

of course

there is nothing to clash with A.I! He is the man. you all know that he reached al her success by his own strenght ability. so that he can be a hall of famer if you know everything.
—Guest baganaa

He is a Hall of Famer

He will be there. Sure he has some blemishes on his personality bit his skills and his accomplishments are unquestionable, so to answer the question and add my opinion, yes he does belong in The Hall of Fame.
—Guest Joe Harris


is this a serious question? This is a guy who in his prime was considered one of the greatest players in history...mentioned among jordan and co... not to mention he is 6' tall...have you ever stood next a 7 footer? This guy would average 30 a game while these giants were trying to swat him
—Guest fdfs




no,.. he must not,.. i think his playing level still not for hall of famer
—Guest jm

like a dad i never new.

I say that because he was the reason 4 me playin basketball and i thankhim 4 that iverson comback please #1 fan we need u best player of all-time 27.0ppg in his career 3rd all-time but 1st on my list.
—Guest Dorian Reed

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