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Readers Respond: Should the NBA retire MJ's 23?

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LeBron James has announced he'll give up his uniform number 23 as a way to honor the baller that made 23 famous -- Michael Jordan. King James wants other NBA players to follow suit, to see 23 retired the way Major League Baseball has retired Jackie Robinson's 42. What do you think? Is this a reasonable honor for one of the game's all-time greats? Or a marketing ploy cooked up by a certain sneaker company in Oregon?


Duh! He is the greatest player ever and he deserves it.
—Guest mj4eva


Micheal Jordan made the NBA what it is today this is my personal opioin I think that we should let his number 23 live regardless because he is the BEST player that has been in the NBA yet
—Guest Alexia Jackson

Of course

Sure why not didn't he like hit that game winning shot in that one game so yea
—Guest Me gusta


No number 23 is just a number no one can compare to him but u still cant say he was the greatest player because to many people played the game
—Guest Scam Boi Dinero

My opinion

I think they should not retire the 23. For people in the future to use 23 will be a great honor for all of us.
—Guest Ben

Should the NBA retire MJ's 23?

I think they should retire the number because he's meant a lot to the NBA..
—Guest Andrew

@Susan I agree and also Disagree..

You're right, Jordan wasn't head and shoulders above everyone, but he was still better than everyone skill wise. He was the best player, period. I'm not gonna go into no details about why because I could right a novel of facts on that. Jordan is just as acknowledgeable as Gretzky or Robinson. He changed the game for the better just like they did. Don't you think that earns a retired number? Nobody in the NBA today is worthy of wearing that number.
—Guest SusanAdcox

Gretzky or Robinson

Dazzling? Michael Jordan wasn't simply dazzling. The NBA, under the prowess of Michael Jordan in the wake of Larry Bird & Magic Johnson reign became a one-man show. Nobody, and I mean nobody, during the late 80s and 90s could skillfully compare to Michael Jordan. He changed the culture surrounding the league, the way a super-star handle themselves, and made the NBA marketable. It's only right for any company to immortalize their greatest champion. Jackie Robinson's number was retired for his courage, Gretskey for his superior ability, and Michael Jordan should be retired for being the epitome of an NBA player.
—Guest Idris

mike jordan#23 retire

they need to retire his number .he is oneof the best tobplay the game
—Guest tone

just keeping it 110%

#23 should have been retired when jordan retired a long time ago.forever the best.
—Guest big wink

Forever A Fan of Michael Jordan

Yes, there is no question #23 should be retired throughout the league. M.J. is one of a kind. I feel it would be a great honor for all he has done for the game of basketball. M.J. was often imitated, but will never ever be duplicated. RETIRE #23 !!!
—Guest Jo Jo

#23 retired

I agree #23 should be retired. there will only be one true # 23 and its MJ.
—Guest bulls fan 4 life


When one tries to guage the greatness or potential of a player they always use Michael Jordan as the "Gold Standard". The new talent is always thought of as the "next Jordan"... therefore MJ's #23 should be retired across the league. None can ever fully wear and represent that number. As a coach... when I ordered uniforms I never purchased the #23... because the players that wanted it were mainly "hotdogs" and never represented the game the way MJ did. I'm not saying that Lebron, Kobe or even the Dr. J's or Russell's aren't worthy, but they are not "AIR JORDAN". The man who revolutionized the game of basketballI agree (sort of) Should anyone wear #23 right now? No. But what about the future? What if Kobe has another enormous scoring night like the 81 against Toronto? What if he leads his team to a repeat? Or a threepeat? Then eveyone thinks he is the GOAT. Do we retire #24 when Kobe after Kobe retires? Then Lebron takes over the league and gets some rings. Do we retire #6? Then a futu
—Guest Matthew

should they

i think they should retire 23 all around the league and maybe in unc. lebron shouldn't switch to 6 he should switch to 12 45 22 or even 24.
—Guest dude

just switch numbers

if i was lebron i would switch to number 24 like kobe did or number 22
—Guest Clifford
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